Made in Australia


As with all good ideas, the "simpler the better" will always hold true. SECUR-A-TAG was born from an idea
by Mr. Ian Bird (CEO and a frequent overseas traveller) who was frustrated by the easy access thieves have
to airport luggage. With standard luggage locks not having expensive "security" features (You could have a
duplicate key to literally thousands of other people's cases.),
plus the fact that identifying YOUR luggage on
an airport carousell required a means of quickly and accurately identifying it and without checking through all
your belongings, being confident that no intrusion has occurred. Mr. Bird developed SECUR-A-TAG with all of
these considerations in mind.

                         1.  VIBRANT COLOURS - Quickly identify YOUR luggage
                         2.  WRITE-ON TAG - Personalise the SECUR-A-TAG
                         3.  TAMPER-EVIDENT DESIGN - The only way to open the tie is to cut it
                         4.  HUNDREDS OF USES - an endless list of possibilities
                         5.  EASY TO USE - Just: Loop, Insert and Pull tight
                "The beauty of a simple product is the vast amount of applications it can be used for." - quote Alan Keys 1987.
                                                   SECUR-A-TAG is no exception.